Tips on How to Banish Unwanted Bad Breath

Boulder dentistry

Whether in advance of a important meeting, big date or just looking to make a good first impression, bad breath is something that most of us have experienced at precisely the wrong time. While the occasional bought of bad breath is troubling enough, our Boulder dentistry team understands that some patients deal with this problem…

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Facing Facts About Your Oral Health

Boulder, CO dentistry

At our Boulder, CO dentistry, Dr. Miller wants all of his patients to have the information they need to enjoy a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. It’s easy to make assumptions about your oral health based on things you hear or remember from your childhood. However, science’s understanding about what causes cavities and the…

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Do You Need a Dental Implant?

Valmont Dental Boulder

If the current state of your smile makes you feel self-conscious, our team at Valmont Dental Boulder is here to help. A smile that’s missing teeth or that requires dentures can make it difficult to enjoy things like eating, drinking, and laughing that make life worth living. If you feel self-conscious about missing teeth or…

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